Artists, Anne Ffrench and Brian Harte come from two different disciplines, sculpture and painting respectively. We became aquainted through The Pigeon House Studios, Kinsale and our curiosity in cross-disciplinary collaboration grew over many cups of coffee and the realization that we shared specific concerns within our individual art practice but used very different mediums to articulate these concerns. Ffrench’s individual practice is often performative in nature or has a ‘live’ element where as Harte, makes paintings and drawings of a varied language that are rooted in the history of painting. In learning about each other’s discipline, we reflected upon our own, this reflective and critical dialogue was inherent in choosing to work collaboratively.

Ironically, as a collaborative duo the concern and theme which underpins our work, deals with the universal idea of the individual as an isolated creature in society.  This is manifested in a common interest in materials, their associations and their use within space.